Look for the helpers

With all the grim inflation and geopolitical news, I was minded today to look for the helpers. Even on the national level there are notable helpers - and good neighbours. India has provided a USD 2.5 billion line of credit to stabilise crisis-torn Sri Lanka. UAE and Qatar are investing USD 7 billion for stabilisation in Egypt, triggering neighbour Saudi Arabia to offer a further USD 15 billion.

These regional collaborations have huge potential for mutual benefit. India's government has become more transparent and fiscally rigorous, and can share that maturity with Sri Lanka. The Reserve Bank of India was the first central bank to be fully digitalised with a real time balance sheet and granular view of all government expenditures and revenues. UAE, Qatar and Saudi have diverse, modern, well-managed economies and institutions, and will bring their insights and rigour to Egyptian firms in which they invest and modernisation of Egyptian governance.

With all that's wrong in the world, take a moment to 'look for the helpers'.