Soft Launch of our Data Toolkit

Today is a day we've been working toward at Pacemaker.Global for almost 2 years. We realised then that the transition to a Multipolar economic order will require a new vision about what data is important and how data gets shared. 

The problems with existing data sets are many:

  • Too much focus on G7, G20 and OECD;
  • Data is siloed in diverse data stores (IMF, World Bank, OECD, BIS, etc.);
  • Data is difficult to access, interpret and work with;
  • Global capacity for data engineering and analysis isn't spread equitably;
  • Economics papers are too long, too technical for wide understanding;
  • Choices about data collection and publication are rarely reviewed.

Pacemaker.Global's Data subscription is meant to change the way we collaboratively explore data:

  • Tools are easy to use and easy to share, no need for economics or data analysis experience;
  • Users choose their own and peer countries for customised exploration;
  • Tools use trusted data from trusted sources and we do not manipulate or model the data so introduce no bias (some data has anomalies, but we reproduce it anyway);
  • Pacemaker.Global automates the refresh of data as new data is released, taking the pain out of staying up to date and watching trends;
  • Pacemaker tools are easy to share, spreading better understanding and collaboration;
  • Pacemaker can be agile, developing the new tools Subscribers want to see to respond to a rapidly changing world.

Accessing our tools is FREE for now. Just Register on the Home Page and next time you login you will be taken straight to the the Data page.
Subscribers support our endeavour, so if you can spare €49 euros a month we will be very grateful. Subscribers will be the first to see new tools we introduce, propose tools they want to see next, and have access to our experts on building secure proprietary data tools and animations. More functionalities for Subscribers are in development to make use and sharing of Pacemaker.Global Data even better.

We want the world to see, explore, and share Data that is relevant and improves policy choices and outcomes.  Join us in our Data-driven community. Subscribe here.