The Log4j Zero-day Hack -

UPDATE 11/11/22: Wired covers the latest in Log4Shell and the FTC's tone deaf threats of enforcement action against big and small businesses in the US if they do not take prompt corrective action. Interestingly, Starling Bank is highlighted as...

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Kathleen Tyson - December 1, 2021

The end of LIBOR could trigger another supply chain shock

OMFIF has just published my commentary on how supervisors may trigger the next inflationary supply chain shock by demanding banks stop using term LIBOR benchmarks in 2022 before most trade finance banks and corporates globally have systems and...

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Kathleen Tyson - November 12, 2021

'No Economy Is An Island' - but is the UK cast adrift?

A paper was published in the Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin on the exposure of the UK economy to foreign shocks and market disruption: No economy is an island: how foreign shocks affect UK macrofinancial stability. It...

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Kathleen Tyson - October 26, 2021

Data-driven Central Banking

A leader in the Economist this week is calling for 'A real-time revolution in economics' to 'make the world better off'. Certainly better and more timely data is needed, and many central banks are experimenting with nowcasting, but whether we need...

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Kathleen Tyson - October 21, 2021

Inflation expectations are not what they used to be

UPDATE 29/10/21: Inflation notches a fresh 30-year high as measured by the Fed’s favorite gauge Inflation is like plumbing. Once you are forced to discuss it openly it is too late for preventative maintenance and you...

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Kathleen Tyson - September 29, 2021

Evergrande was a margin call on leveraged real estate developers globally

UPDATE 5/11/21: Kaisa shares have been suspended after it missed payment on 'wealth management products' that weren't disclosed to investors or acknowledged in its annual report. Fantasia missed interest and principal...

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Kathleen Tyson - September 20, 2021

The Toilet Roll Core Inflation Index

I was Zooming with an old friend the other day to catch up on recent events. We discussed how package sizes were getting smaller while prices were steadily rising for the sorts of foods and goods we have been buying for...

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Kathleen Tyson - September 10, 2021

SDR Basket Weightings: Setting the formula is political; using the formula is maths

One of the things that drew fire in my recent OMFIF commentary was the observation that China's renminbi could gain primacy of weighting in the IMF's SDR basket despite joining the basket as recently as 2016 and being used...

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Kathleen Tyson - September 1, 2021

Pacemaker Advisor Andrew Sheng on the blowback from lower for longer

From the perspective of a long career in central banking, markets supervision, and public policy, Andrew Sheng speaks truth to power: Central bankers can no longer deny the moral consequences of keeping interest rates low. Low rates encourage...

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Kathleen Tyson - August 27, 2021

Jackson Hole looks depressingly insular

It's Jackson Hole Economic Symposium day, and so, of course, I woke up with the top priority of getting today's agenda from the Kansas City Fed website - even before coffee. For those who aren't Fed geeks, the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium...

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